Service at METROM is not limited to what is generally referred to as maintenance and repair, but is rather a complete package of services that begins with the analysis of the usage conditions and planning.


Our machine technology allows for an entirely different and new means of combining various effective production steps during series production, customized to suit the customer's specific needs.  We collaborate closely with you to plan a machine that is tailored to your requirements.


The use of standard components allows us to offer low prices. At the same time, we achieve a high level of reliability as a result of the mechatronic construction and the use of tried and tested components from reputable German manufacturers, as well as reliable partners from one of the world's oldest and most successful mechanical engineering regions.


Our team of engineers and mechatronics technicians also serves as your service team. From the planning of your machine to the correction of faults, you have a competent contact person who is familiar with your specific application. If you have any questions or problems, we are available over the phone to perform remote maintenance or can be quickly on-site to assist you in person.


Our range of services also includes the formulation of milling programs, training courses, briefings, various financing options, and contract manufacture.

Test machining

When you are deciding whether our machines are the right choice to meet your specific requirements, we are happy to provide consultation as well as practical support.


Upon request, we will perform customer-specific machining processes based on your data, using your material if applicable, in your chosen quantity. We let our performance do the talking.


Prior to the delivery of your machine, you have the option to be present during trial production runs and tests. We explain each process step and answer your questions, so that you can learn through hands-on experience. Depending on your requirements, we provide training courses and briefings on your premises, following delivery.


Our machines are very low-maintenance due to the structural design, the mechatronic principle, and the chosen components. Upon installation and startup, you will be made aware of the most important maintenance measures, on-site.

 To ease the burden on you, we would be glad to perform annual maintenance within the scope of a framework contract, or by one-off request. To minimize downtime, we can respond quickly using our remote diagnosis tool, MMF.

METROM Mechatronische Maschinen GmbH

Schönaicher Str. 6- 09232 Hartmannsdorf


TEL +49 3722 598630 - FAX  +49 3722 59863-19


Technology development

In collaboration with our capable and internationally represented partners SANDVIK, ISCAR, and OPEN MIND, we develop economical production technologies that put into practice all of the specific features of our patented parallel kinematics system, with a view to giving you a competitive advantage.

Our machines are versatile enough to process nearly all materials. Due to the special design of the METROM parallel kinematics system, technologies such as milling, combined turning and milling, and out-of-round milling as well as other machining technologies can be used effectively in our machines, and the appropriate technologies can be developed in collaboration with you, for example

  • Friction stir welding
  • Cutting (e.g., 3D glass cutting or laser cutting)
  • Embossing, pressing, mechanical joining
  • Welding, etc.

Together with us, you can break new ground in the development of machining technology!

Milling Program

With our in-house partner, MILLFAX, we can put together complex five-axis programs for you using HYPERMILL programming workstations. Applying years of experience in contract manufacture, it is possible to machine particularly complicated surfaces (free-form surfaces, etc.) quickly, effectively, and accurately.

Contract manufacture

METROM's demonstration machining centers are continually in use. They are used by our in-house partners for the production of commission orders


With a wide range of customer-oriented options, we make procuring our machines easy. You can lease, rent to own, or take advantage of a customized financing model – anything is possible. We work with reputable partners and can arrange contact with them on request.

 One of our leasing partners is Leipzig-based IKB Leasing GmbH.