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METROM company profile

Small but powerful - the new PM100 mobile and stationary 5-axis machine tool is created

source: Leipziger Messe GmbH
source: Leipziger Messe GmbH

The mobile METROM machine can fly... on-site machining

The special design of our "Mobile 5-Axis Machine" ensures easy transport by truck or plane and quick setup at the place of use – anywhere in the world! This enables inexpensive on-site machining of large components.  more

mobile 5-Axis-machine
mobile 5-Axis-machine

Product benefits

The modular design and parallel kinematics of our machines enables cost-effective and rapid adaptation to specific customer requirements as well as many other advantages:

  • A high level of accuracy and dynamics
  • A high level of reliability due to the uniformity of the axis systems
  • Durability of the machine components
  • Economical complete 5-sided machining, without re-clamping the workpiece
  • Low energy consumption due to the low moving mass

METROM - a knowledge-based company

The worldwide success of the METROM brand is attributable to our theoretical and operational principle of producing machine tools with the perfect balance of mechanics, electrical/electronic systems, and control software.


In line with this principle, we place a special focus on the development and production of mechatronic machine systems based on our patented five-strut parallel kinematics (Pentapod). Our most important products are our machining centers and special-purpose machines, which guarantee effective 5-axis simultaneous and HSC machining of a wide variety of materials. METROM machines are versatile enough to process nearly all materials. Due to the machines' modular design and parallel kinematics, it takes relatively little time and money to make adjustments according to specific customer requirements and to develop comprehensive solutions for specific applications. more